Cult Classics: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of all time favorite musicals is by far The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky was originally created for the stage before it was ever even thought of for the silver screen. It went by The Rocky Horror Show. It all began in London on 19 June 1973. And the rest is history as they say. The show sky rocketed and made it over the pond to America and swept the nation.

photo from: TheAngelSpeaks15 20 December 2010

photo from:
20 December 2010

It quickly became a cult classic, and here we are now. Discussing. A lot of people from the original London play were actually in the film, like Tim Curry, Nell Campbell, Richard O’Brien, and Patricia Quinn.
Tim Curry plays Dr. Frank N. Furter, “a sweet Transvestite, from Transsexual, Transylvania.” He creates creatures. Some failed and another a success. Or so he thought.
(In case you didn’t know Tim Curry is also in the film Annie he plays “Rooster”.)

Magenta. Magenta. Magenta. She’s a wonderful character played by Patricia Quinn.
FUN FACTAROO: It’s Patricia Quinn’s disembodied lips floating around in the opening and closing sequences. However, it’s not actually her singing.
She, like the Doctor, is form Transsexual, Transylvania.

photot from: 11 January 2003

photot from:
11 January 2003

The play write and screen writer Richard O’Brien played Riff Raff. Who comes from the planet Transsexual with Dr. Frank N. Furter and Magenta.  Richard O’Brien came up with not only the script, but all the songs as well. He created Rocky when he was an out of work actor. He infused the play with his childhood love for science fiction, and now we have one of the best cult classics of all time. The play has been performed in over 6 countries, has numerous awards, has a massive cult following, and is still in limited release after 40 years.

Brad and Janet are newly weds who are taking a drive when they get caught in a rain storm with a flat. They walk down the road in search for help when the find the “frankenstien place”. They walk in and spend the night that you could only have dreams (or nightmares) about.

Hopefully you will know by now that this ^^ is Rocky, which is who the musical is named after (not Dr. Frank N. Furter) Rocky is the little project the doctor is working on. He makes himself a boy toy so to speak. Oh wait, a man. But Dr. F doesn’t like sharing and Rocky went ahead and did something he wasn’t supposed to. So what choice did Dr. F have?

Little Nell plays the lovely Columbia. She’s a tap dancing Frankie-fan who falls in love with one of his creations.
I really have no idea why, but she is my favorite. Her voice and outfit and hair! They’re all so fantastic and lovely and she plays the role so well especially considering that she was in the original cast.

I am a HUGE RHPS fan, and I wanna know if you are too, so leave a comment below.

xo, B

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